This page contains precompiled binaries (and source code / build logs)
of several projects with the hope that they will be useful to others. As
with any software binaries available from foreign repositories, please
use these at your own risk. Neither the software author(s) nor the site
operator can take responsibility for any malfunctions or damages.

Most projects are organized in the following manner:

    bin/ - contains the precompiled binaries, libraries, and/or objects
    log/ - contains log files produced by the build scripts
    src/ - contains scripts and/or tarballs of the original software, as
           well as version information (e.g., 'gcc-7.2.0.tar.gz')

Note that some project names may be symbolically-linked to more-specific
directory; e.g.

    mcm/ --> mcm-i686-gcc-6.4.0/ (default to i686 gcc 6.4.0)

Please do not directly link to any files on this site; no guarantees are
made as to the continued availability of any resources. If you find any
inconsistencies or broken software, let me know:
Index of /

Index of /

cabextract/                                        14-Sep-2018 18:56                   -
mcm/                                               08-Oct-2018 15:14                   -
mcm-i686-gcc-6.4.0/                                08-Oct-2018 15:14                   -
mcm-i686-gcc-7.3.0/                                08-Oct-2018 22:45                   -
mingw-gcc-glibc/                                   14-Sep-2018 18:55                   -
mingw-gcc-musl/                                    14-Sep-2018 18:52                   -
riscv-gcc/                                         14-Sep-2018 18:56                   -
riscv-qemu/                                        14-Sep-2018 18:56                   -
sundials-w64/                                      21-Sep-2018 12:16                   -

Projects (* denotes symbolic link)

    cabextract/ - cabextract (Windows .cab extractor)

  * mcm/ - musl-cross-make

    mingw-gcc/ - MinGW-w64

    riscv-gcc/ - RISC-V GNU Toolchain (multilib)

    riscv-qemu/ - statically-linked QEMU + RISC-V support

    sundials-w64/ - SUNDIALS (LLNL) [Win64 libraries]